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Beating His Own World Record: World’s Smallest Handmade Chess Set

Smallest Chess set in the world

Mastering Miniature: The Artistic Marvel of the World's Smallest Handmade Chess Set

In the realm of fine art and precision, Ara Ghazaryan stands as a colossus, albeit one who specializes in creating the spectacularly small. His latest feat, a chess set so minute that it claims the title of the world’s smallest handmade set, is a testament to his exceptional eye for detail and steadfast dedication to craftsmanship.

A Record-Breaking Endeavor

Ara’s journey into the Guinness World Records began with a chess set that measured a mere 15.3 x 15.3 mm, mirroring the complexity and functionality of its full-sized counterparts. This initial accomplishment set the stage for his subsequent triumphs in the world of micro artistry.

World's Smallest Chess Set

The Quintessence of Miniaturization

Crafted on an astonishingly diminutive scale, Ara’s complete chess board spans just 15.3 x 15.3 mm (0.6 in x 0.6 in), a size dwarfed by the modest dimensions of a US quarter coin. The entire set, despite its small stature, impressively weighs 6.63 g.

Within this tiny tableau, the Kings preside as the tallest pieces at 4.8 mm, while the pawns, standing at 2.3 mm, are the smallest. Yet, each piece is sculpted with such precision that they fulfill Guinness World Records’ stringent criteria: to be exactly to scale and retain their intended function.

A Playable Work of Art

Ara’s commitment to functionality means that this chess set is more than just a display piece. Based in Los Angeles, California, he designed the board with playability in mind. It invites players to engage in the strategic game, providing they possess a steady hand and perhaps a magnifying glass.

Ara Davidi Ghazaryan holding his Guinness World Record certificate for the smallest chess set.

Materials Worthy of Royalty

The chess set’s material composition is perhaps as impressive as its size. The board tiles are fashioned from luxurious Brazilian cherry wood, complemented by 18 Kt. yellow and white gold. Adding to its grandeur, each corner of the board is adorned with a bezel-set diamond, a sparkle that signifies the corners of the miniature battlefield.

Beating His Own Record

Not content with a single entry in the Guinness World Records, Ara pushed the boundaries of the possible even further. His second record-breaking chess set, completed on 22 August 2020, measures an almost inconceivable 8 mm x 8 mm.

This even tinier set exudes opulence with a board made from 18 k yellow and white gold, paired with Armenian apricot wood—a nod to the artist’s heritage. The board rests on a regal frame crafted from platinum, 18 k yellow gold, rubies, and diamonds, ensuring that every game played is an affair of luxury.

The figurines themselves are marvels of miniaturization, with the pawns measuring at 1 mm and the kings at a towering 2.4 mm. Each figure is a testament to Ara’s steady hand and unerring eye for detail, embodying the essence of the chess pieces they represent.

wold's smallest chess set

Crafting the Minuscule Masterpiece

The creation of such a miniature chess set requires not only artistic skill but also a profound patience and precision. Every cut of the wood, every placement of gold, and every setting of a gemstone demands an unwavering precision that is, in itself, an art form.

Ara’s workbench is a landscape of innovation, where traditional tools are adapted to suit the scale of his creations. Magnification equipment becomes as crucial as the chisel and the brush, allowing for the meticulous detailing that each square inch of the set demands.

A Jewel in the Crown of Micro Art
Ara Ghazaryan’s chess sets are more than mere records; they are a celebration of the possible. They remind us that art is not confined by scale but is defined by the vision of the artist and their ability to bring the minutest details to life.

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