Ara Davidi Blessed Cross Necklace


Experience the divine elegance of the Ara Davidi Blessed Cross Necklace. Expertly crafted from 18-karat royal yellow gold, this exquisite piece weighs a total of 72 grams and extends gracefully over 27 inches.

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Behold the Ara Davidi Blessed Cross Necklace, where divine artistry and luxurious elegance unite in a sublime symphony of faith. Fashioned with the utmost precision and care, this breathtaking necklace is a manifestation of divine beauty, crafted from 18-karat royal yellow gold, radiating a heavenly glow that enhances its spiritual essence.

Weighing a substantial yet gracefully balanced 72 grams—with the necklace itself carrying 24 grams, and the cross, a formidable 48 grams—this piece is a testament to its remarkable craftsmanship and luxurious appeal. With a generous length of 27 inches, the necklace effortlessly drapes, laying a pathway for the splendid cross that anchors this divine ornament.

The cross is a mesmerizing display of intricate designs, each element carefully curated to resonate with sacred beauty and artistic perfection. It’s more than a necklace; it’s a blessed emblem of faith, woven with the golden threads of spiritual elegance and divine artistry.

Embrace the blessed beauty of the Ara Davidi Blessed Cross Necklace, and allow it to illuminate your spirit, enriching your journey of faith with its divine presence and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Additional information

Total Weight

72 Grams

Necklace Weight

24 Grams

Cross Weight

48 Grams


27 Inches


18 Karat Royal Yellow Gold


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