Ara Davidi Paradise Key Round-Shaped Necklace


Discover the ethereal elegance of the Ara Davidi Paradise Key Round-Shaped Necklace, a harmonious blend of tradition and modern design. Crafted meticulously from sterling silver, this unique key-shaped pendant symbolizes access to spiritual realms, paired with a choice of vibrant silk string colors to resonate with your personal essence.

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Unlock the doors to ethereal elegance with the Ara Davidi Paradise Key Round-Shaped Necklace. This artistic masterpiece embodies the perfect harmony of tradition and modern design, meticulously crafted to portray symbolic elegance and divine sophistication.

The centerpiece, a sterling silver key, represents access to realms of spirituality and divine mysteries. The key features a round-shaped top adorned with a cross, a potent symbol of faith and divine presence, enhanced by the meticulous design that whispers of ancient tales and heavenly secrets.

This extraordinary piece allows for a personalized touch, offering a choice of silk string colors—royal blue, dark blue, purple, and black. Each color carries its essence, allowing the wearer to choose the hue that resonates most with their spirit.

The Ara Davidi Paradise Key Round-Shaped Necklace isn’t merely an ornament; it’s a personal talisman, a piece of artistic wonder that carries divine symbols and artistic flair, aimed at adding a sacred touch to your ensemble.

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String Colors

Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black

String Material



Sterling Silver


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