Ara Davidi Victorian Earrings


Experience the epitome of royal elegance with the Ara Davidi Victorian Earrings. Expertly crafted from 18-karat gold and adorned with 2.4-karat diamonds and 1.75-karat sapphires, these earrings exude timeless grandeur. Offering customizable options with genuine Burma ruby or Ceylon sapphires, each piece embodies extraordinary craftsmanship and luxurious sophistication, ensuring that you wear a statement of unparalleled beauty and style.

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Presenting the enchanting Ara Davidi Victorian Earrings, a manifestation of royal elegance and extraordinary craftsmanship. These majestic earrings are intricately fashioned from premium 18-karat gold, exuding timeless grandeur and opulent charm.

Each earring is adorned with dazzling 2.4-karat diamonds and 1.75-karat sapphires, the gemstones meticulously arranged to evoke Victorian sophistication. The real clean Burma ruby option and the genuine Ceylon sapphires offer options to personalize these earrings, ensuring they resonate with your individual style and elegance.

Weighing a substantial 13 grams, these earrings are a powerful statement of luxury and artistic finesse. The diamonds are of VS1 clarity and F color, ensuring that each piece sparkles with the utmost brilliance and purity, reflecting light with breathtaking intensity.

The Ara Davidi Victorian Earrings aren’t just a pair of jewelry; they’re a tribute to the bygone eras of royal elegance and a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and design mastery, ensuring that you adorn yourself with a piece of eternal beauty and sophistication.


Material: 18 Karat Gold
Gemstones: 2.4 Karat Diamonds, 1.75 Karat Sapphires, Option of Real Clean Burma Ruby
Weight: 13 Grams

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18 Karat Gold


2.4 Karat Diamonds, 1.75 Karat Sapphires, Option of Burma Ruby


13 Grams

Diamond Quality

VS1 Diamonds of F Color


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