Ara Davidi Ruby Diamond Double Sided Cross

Experience the extraordinary elegance of the Ara Davidi Ruby Diamond Double Sided Cross. Crafted from 18 Karat Royal Gold, adorned with a breathtaking Burma Ruby and encrusted with impeccable VS1 Diamonds, this cross is a celestial symphony of spiritual beauty and divine craftsmanship. Elevate your collection with this radiant embodiment of luxury and devotion.

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Discover the “Ara Davidi Ruby Diamond Double Sided Cross”—a divine masterpiece where heaven’s brilliance meets the earth’s allure. Crafted meticulously from 18 Karat Royal Gold, this splendid cross is a symphony of luxurious materials designed to illuminate the spirit and soul. At its heart lies a breathtaking Burma Ruby, a precious gem that embodies a richness as profound as the faith it represents. Surrounded by immaculate VS1 Diamonds, each facet sparkles with divine purity, crowned with a resplendent 1/2 Karat Center-Stone.

The diamonds, of incomparable FD color quality, shimmer like stars in the celestial realms, guiding the spirit with their radiant light. Every element of this cross, from the curve of its golden arms to the placement of each ruby and diamond, has been fashioned with the utmost care and precision. The “Ara Davidi Ruby Diamond Double Sided Cross” isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s an embodiment of spiritual elegance and divine luxury, a tribute to the timeless beauty of faith adorned in the most exquisite materials. Experience the enchantment of divine craftsmanship, where each detail tells a story of passion, devotion, and celestial brilliance.

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18 Karat Royal Gold With Burma Ruby


VS1 Diamonds With 1/2 Karat Center-Stone

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