Ara Davidi Universal Earthly Diamond Earrings


Elevate your elegance with the Ara Davidi Universal Earthly Earrings, masterfully crafted from 18-karat white gold and adorned with breathtaking 1.60-karat diamonds. These luxurious earrings epitomize celestial beauty, featuring meticulously set VS1 diamonds of F color, radiating divine brilliance.

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Introducing the Ara Davidi Universal Earthly Earrings, a pair of celestial adornments that echo the brilliance of the stars. These exquisite earrings are a symphony of luxurious design and unrivaled craftsmanship, harmonizing the ethereal beauty of diamonds with the timeless elegance of 18-karat white gold.

At the heart of each earring resides a breathtaking 1.60-karat diamond, illuminating the space with its radiant glow. Surrounded by a halo of meticulously set VS1 diamonds of F color, each piece resonates with a heavenly aura, magnifying the allure of the wearer with its divine brilliance.

With a collective weight of 5.5 grams, these earrings embody a delicate balance of substantial luxury and comfortable wearability. Their design reflects the essence of earthly beauty, fashioned to captivate the senses and elevate the spirit.

The Ara Davidi Universal Earthly Earrings aren’t merely accessories; they are a radiant expression of elegance and divine beauty, curated to grace the ears of those who wear them with celestial charm and supreme luxury.

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18 Karat White Gold


1.60 Karat Central Diamond, surrounded by VS1 Diamonds (F Color)


5.5 Grams


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