Ara Davidi Ophelia Limited Safety Pin Bracelet / Brooch


Discover the captivating elegance of the Ara Davidi Ophelia Limited Safety Pin Bracelet / Brooch. Innovatively crafted from 18 Karat Yellow Royal Gold and embellished with exquisite VVS1 Diamonds of FD color quality, this versatile piece radiates contemporary sophistication, blending functional beauty with luxurious allure for a unique expression of style.

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A harmonious blend of contemporary style and luxurious elegance. This piece is meticulously crafted from the finesse of 18 Karat Yellow Royal Gold, manifesting an aura of regal sophistication. Encrusted within this modern masterpiece lie the finest VVS1 Diamonds, each exuding a radiant brilliance that dances with every flicker of light. These exquisite diamonds boast an FD color quality, representing a pinnacle of vibrant purity and shimmering perfection. The design, inspired by the functional beauty of a safety pin, is elevated to a realm of artistic elegance. Paired with a richly hued red cord, the piece strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and luxury, embodying a sense of stylish versatility. The Ara Davidi Ophelia Limited Safety Pin Bracelet / Brooch stands as a testament to innovative craftsmanship, where each element comes together to create a unique expression of style and luxury. Let this captivating piece adorn your moments with its contemporary charm and dazzling brilliance.

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18 Karat Yellow Royal Gold



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