Ara Davidi Sterling Silver Paradise Key Necklace


Unlock a world of style and elegance with the Ara Davidi Paradise Key Necklace. Crafted in sterling silver and complemented by luxurious silk cords available in various regal tones, this intricately designed key pendant symbolizes a gateway to beauty, making a sophisticated statement in contemporary jewelry.”

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Introducing the “Ara Davidi Paradise Key Necklace”—a sublime fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance. This sterling silver masterpiece carries the mystique of ancient tales and the unlocking of paradisiacal realms.

The necklace features a sterling silver pendant styled in the form of a key, rich in decorative filigree and intricate designs. The head of the key is artistically crafted with openwork details, creating a sense of lightness and ethereal beauty.

The key pendant is strung on a luxurious silk cord, available in a variety of regal tones including Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, and Black. The rich, sumptuous silk complements the silver’s luminosity, creating a piece that is both visually stunning and soft against the skin.

“Ara Davidi’s Paradise Key Necklace” is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of unlocked beauty, a key to a realm of style and elegance, designed to adorn your neck with the essence of artisanal brilliance. 🗝️

Additional information

String Color

Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black


Sterling SIlver

String Material



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